Inbound Services

Here at Call Center 24/7 we offer a variety of inbound services both in business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets at competitive rates. The business owners or CEOs transfer these less consequential but time-consuming jobs to turn their concentration to the core business functions.

Our inbound services include Voice Recording and Live Listening, Reporting Voice Mail, Interactive Voice Recognition, and Automatic Call Distribution.

Inbound call center services Portfolio: Client tells about our inbound services

“I am the owner of a life insurance company. Due to harsh schedule, the collection of insurance claims was a big headache for me and I was looking for a proficient team who can manage the insurance claims of my company.  An option was to hire a team of employees in-house but the heavy expenditures for establishing new workstations, purchasing new accessories, and the excessive salaries of the employees prevented me to get a team repeatedly.

Then I got the idea of inbound call center through my counterpart in another country. It was utterly a new experience for me but its ultimate fruit for me was prolific. I commenced the hunt of a cheap and well-reputed call center, and stopped at Call Center 24/7 because it was the place I was looking for.

After two meetings the agreement between us had been done and Call Center 24/7 started our company’s medical claim collection and I reverted all of my concentrations to the core business. Following the results I observed after outsourcing Call Center 24/7 I realized that we should avail their services long ago but was contented that the prosperousness which our company witnessed in two years, had atoned for the oversights.

The stint they worked with us was perfect experience for me and i assure you that you will have the same thoughts for Call Center 24/7 after a stint with them. “


Michael Strauss

ALM Life Insurance


“Bundles of thanks to Call Center 24/7 for their whirlwind phone answering services. My previous working experience with you had been great and I will be glad to work with you again. “


Thomas Morgan

A&K Enterprises


“Hi! I am Nina from Oslo and am running a fashion House.  I had needed a person who can inform the customers about out latest dresses styles. I hired an in-house employee to the product information service but she didn’t meet my demands.

Then I started hunt for an outsourcing company. Thanks to their attractive order provision services, I preferred Call Center 24/7 and the results were more than my expectations.  I will recommend you to outsource the services of this company, this will guarantee the prosperity of your business.”



Fashion Planet


 “Hello, first of all sorry for responding too late but was very busy since last four months. Thanks to your stunning   Up-selling and cross-selling services our business has been growing vastly, though our stint was for a short period but was enough to scale our company to new heights. But now-a-days I am working on a new project and am willing to use your services again. Have a wonderful weekend. The weather is just beautiful!.”


Michael Hunts


MK Enterprises