Order Taking Services

Order Taking

Customers prefer place orders from their locations instead of walking all the way to shopping malls. They also get information about the product specification without leaving their seats. Speaking to an operator who is proficient about the product details give them confidence to go ahead with purchase. Similarly an ill-trained or confused live agent may shake customer confidence and he/she may decide not to purchase the product. Investment in competent call center order taking service will always payback through enhanced sales.

Businesses may opt for Outsourcing order taking service to a call center like call center 247 rather than establishing their own facility.

Why outsource order taking services to Call Center 247?

At Call Center 247, we provide best quality in outsourced call center industry. Our live order taking operators are well trained and professional. They will further be trained to get a deep understanding of your understand your products and services. We have built in mechanism to update all our order taking service operators as and when product features update.

Our order taking service is committed to revitalize your business through enhanced sales.

Benefits of outsourcing order taking services

Some of the key benefits of outsourcing order taking services to Call Center 247 include but are not limited to following.

  1. 24×7 services: Our order taking services department remain staffed 24×7 equipped with telephone lines to ensure that no call is missed. Adequate number of phone lines makes sure that customers don’t have to wait.
  2. Well trained staff: Our order taking service operators are well trained and proficient in sales. They ensure top class customer service and achievement of sales targets.
  3. Online order taking services: To gain maximum sales exposures we have integrated online order taking service with our live order taking services. Maximum sale is ensured using both means.
  4. State of the art technology: At call center 247 we have deployed state of the art technology. Based on our technology we can deal with businesses irrespective of their size.
  5. Customized Reporting: We can provide sales and calls reports in any frequency and format required by you.
  6. Excellent customer support: We are there round the clock for our order taking services customers to resolve any issues if arises

Looking to outsource order taking services?

Contact call center 247 with complete specifications and we will get back to you.