BPO – Business Process Outsourcing

Focusing on what made you thriving in your core business is the key to remain competitive in global economy. Expanding the valuable time and energy managing transactions and less consequential processes to which the other experts could cope with, isn’t affordable for most of the small business.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a worthwhile and cost-effective solution for the companies looking for new ways to maximize their revenue, operational and organizational efficiency by minimizing costs, lessening risks, nurturing cooperation, enhancing transparency and developing strategies which fuels company expansion.

Call Center 24/7 is committed to provide its clients the highest quality BPO services so they can concentrate on the core aspects of venture to integrate business processes and applications and endeavor for accomplishing the end goals.

Deploying nine years of information technology (IT) management and BPO expertise with comprehension of specific industry, we ensure outstanding cliental experience through strong management focus, devoted business units and a dense fiscal platform.

We offer you integrated outsourcing solutions, which can be impeccably incorporated with your existing business processes, making them more prolific for your enterprise. We strongly believe in exploiting flair to achieve excellence.

Thanks to our domain expertise, process excellence, globally secure network, economies of scale and best-of-breed applications, we are capable to deliver optimum value in BPO solutions and formulate innovation that result in business growth.

Our BPO services include:

• Business Accounting

• Data conversion and Data Transcription.

• Engineering Outsourcing.

• Geographical outsourcing.

• Insurance Services.

• International call center.

• Medical billing.

• Medical Transcription.

• Legal Transcription Services.

• Software Development.

• Project Outsourcing.

Call Center 24/7 is a steward the BPO industry with more than 300 million customer contacts across the globe annually. Our aim to make our clients prosperous and built their customer’s confidence over them makes us perfect partners for the businesses seeking dependable outsourcing service providers.